We use strategic sourcing to optimize opportunities that are geared towards enhancing the children lives of our communities. 

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At Lost Angels Org our primary goal is to create opportunities for the youth in our community. We are continually building relationships with community leaders, local businesses and other organizations.  The assistance we receive is very important and we would like to thank our donors and volunteers for their continued support.  These relationships are instrumental in helping us carry out our mission and vision.  It's imperative for us that the youth who come through our organization learn to indentify opportunity and that the resources provided are properly applied and maximized.  To help with this our youth participate in workshops that emphasize the principal importance of Education, Nutrition, Fitness and Finance.  Our workshops are outlined into "Fundamental keys" that we consider essential.  The workshops give instruction and insight bringing forth clarity, understanding and perspective. The "Fundamental Keys" are focused on the individuals ability to structure a foundational platform as a reference.  A platform to reference as compass and use to navigate through the ever changing demands of our society("stand for something or fall for anything").  The workshops help our participants acknowledge what is important, why it's important and how to comprehensively implement these discoveries into their daily lives.  We consider these "Fundamentals Keys" at there core to be essential for maintaining good health, good spirits, and peace of mind throughout life. Thus extremely important and essential to success.  

 Lost Angels Org is committed to doing whatever necessary to open opportunities and increase possibilities for our youth. As an organization we source school supplies, clothing, sports equipment, sports training, tutoring and whatever we feel is fundamental and instrumental for our youth to achieve their goals. Our society as a whole is a greater place when our children are equipped with hope, the self esteem to lead and the confidence achieve.

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our mission:



We host workshops that encourage hard work, self-management skills necessary for higher education, and leadership to enhance their communities at large.


We provide our youth an alternate framework to help them avoid negligent behavior, gangs, and drug abuse.

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Students selected as recipients of our scholarships have shown responsibility, discipline, and leadership both inside and outside of the classroom. 

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